Dr. Carl Albrecht

Doctor Carl Edward Archibald Albrecht was born in 1975 as son of a high school teacher and a farmer and spend most of his childhood on the dairy cattle farm of his parents. After high school graduation he worked at the Near and Middle East Association in Hamburg and at a law office in Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia.

Then spent 18 months as agricultural trainee on farms with dairy and beef cattle and plant production followed by his trainee exams at the chamber of agriculture in Hanover.

After Army service he started his studies of Agriculture at the Georg-August-University of Goettingen that he passed with a Master of Science in animal production. During summer semester holidays he worked as a scientific employee at an agricultural research company. The Master studies in agriculture were followed by his doctorate with a thesis in animal production as well.

After a training in dairying in Oldenburg he returned to the University in Goettingen to extend his skills and studied Cultural and Social Anthropology with a focus on applied anthropology and Africa. During his second studies he studied Anthropogeography as a minor subject. He finished his second studies with a Master of Arts.

Work in agricultural development research led him to the United Arab Emirates, India, Egypt and Ghana. Besides he travelled to twenty other countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Because the coordination of projects is gaining in meaning, he graduated as a certified coordinator in international project management at the Society for Sustainable Development in Witzenhausen.

He combines his diverse agricultural experiences with the intercultural competence of the cultural anthropologist as well as the planning and organization techniques of international project management to contribute to the success of your project.


He has written the following textbooks on animal production in the tropics:

“The Old World camel as productive farm animal: Camel milk – production, processing, marketing with special reference to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and Rajasthan (India)”, Tectum Verlag, Marburg



“The cow eats the chameleon – Urban and peri-urban livestock production and marketing in Tamale (Ghana)”, Optimus Verlag, Göttingen





“Accidents and inspiration: Nomadic pastoralism, camel-man-relationships, international camel trade and the relevance of camel meat for societies in North Eastern Africa”, amazon kdp